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Custody Battle Follows Murder

Custody Battle Follows Murder

Houston Chronicle | March 22, 2022
More than five years after a mother of two was brutally murdered by her ex-husband following years of alleged domestic abuse, the father of the convicted killer and the mother of the slain woman remain engaged in a lengthy court battle over custody of their grandson. Read more…

The Murderer’s Little Boy

The Murderer’s Little Boy

TEXAS OBSERVER | March 22, 2022
Stephanie Johnson had never liked her daughter’s volatile second husband, Shaun Hardy. But she didn’t know how dangerous he was until six weeks after the couple’s 2015 divorce, when her daughter messaged to say he’d just beaten and strangled her. “I begged for my life and as soon as he let me up, I ran out of the apartment as fast as I could, barefoot,” Anne-Christine Johnson, 29, wrote in a Facebook message just after dawn on June 16.  Read more…


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